2010 September

Sea Stones Thumbnail

Sea Stones

Not everyone likes ice cubes in their glass; and not everyone prefers to drink their spirits warm. That’s why Arra David and Anne Johnson of Sea Stones in Windham, N.H., developed “On the Rocks,” a set of six polished, freezable stones set in a wood tray.

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Happy Clay

"When it came to finding my voice with clay, I wasn’t able to speak until I let go of my need to control and perfect the process,” explains Niki Crosby of Happy Clay. “When I finally loosened my grip and allowed the patterns to create themselves, the finished products began to sing with an energy of their own.”

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The Sticking Point

Social media is a hot topic. And at NICHE magazine, we include articles in almost every print issue to teach you—the small business owner—how to manage your online reputation, launch and improve social media marketing campaigns, and grow your businesses with these 21st-century tools.

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