2010 October

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Gatski Metal

Modern lines meet agricultural history in Ben and Kate Gatski’s “Barn Beam Console Table” (above) and “Barn Loft Table” (below). The husband-and-wife team has worked together since 2004 to craft unique sculptures from recycled farm machinery.

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Book Review: The Art of SEO

When you have a question, do you make a trip to the library to find what you’re looking for? Probably not. It’s likely you open your Internet browser and enter a quick search. Practically every answer you need is now at your fingertips—via a search engine.

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You could say that Jennifer Michael of CraftyStitches in Sterling, Va., was born to sew—her father was a tailor and mother a seamstress. More recently, she’s discovered a love for quilting. Michael finds a lot of satisfaction in the process and techniques, and takes special care to pair the perfect fabrics. One of Michael’s hottest items is the “The Perfect Bridesmaid,” a jewelry roll that features a zippered pocket, an arm for rings and bracelets, and a Velcro pocket. Click below to hear her story.

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Use Affiliated Links to Boost Your Search Engine Ranking

Your goal should be to appear at the top of any natural search in a search engine, specifically Google. Choose unique keywords that will rank your business higher. Google AdWords is one way to rank your website, but you can also take advantage of free affiliated links. Click below to learn how. Want even more instruction while you watch? Download a takeaway PDF of the slideshow that

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