2010 November

John and Andrea Hartcorn Thumbnail

John and Andrea Hartcorn

John Hartcorn was a musician for 20 years before he switched gears and decided to “take the plunge” and go back to school for furniture design. “I dabbled in metal and upholstery before arriving at designing and building furniture,” he explains.

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Now You’re Ready for Social Media

Before you jump into social media, it’s critical that you check certain items off your list: you should offer regular quality content to your customers; reconfigure your keywords, tag list, URL and username; establish a sound online reputation; know where to spend your time online; and—most importantly—make a list of goals. Now you’re ready to dive into social media. Amy Larrimore

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the littlest bean Thumbnail

the littlest bean

When accessory designer Jen Menkhaus landed a job at a well-stocked craft store at the age of 18, she knew her passion for handmade was only taking root.

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Finding Advocates for Your Business Thumbnail

Finding Advocates for Your Business

You know who your best customers are. And you know which ones refer their friends to your shop. These people are your brand advocates—they love what you sell so much that they can’t help spreading the word. According to Janine Popick of VerticalResponse, an Internet-centric marketing firm, there are several ways you can enlist people to be advocates for your brand:

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