2010 December

How to Run a Productive Brainstorming Session Thumbnail

How to Run a Productive Brainstorming Session

Building your business should be a company wide effort. How do you start? Try a group brainstorming session. Take a crack at a few of these tips from Inc. magazine to get started: Invite a mix of employees. Try to mingle senior staff members with new hires and include everyone from your bookkeeper to your sales staff, but keep your selection focused on the outcome. If a certain staff member

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Kristin Perkins

Kristin Perkins of Kristin Perkins Glass Jewelry in Ypsilanti, Mich., fell in love with jewelry in high school in the 1980s, but it wasn’t until 1999 that she found her artistic direction. “My dad purchased glassblowing lessons for me for my birthday,” she says. “I immediately fell in love with molten glass.”

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Sweet Pepita

Shannon Delanoy launched her Baltimore, Md.-based clothing line Sweet Pepita in 2007 after her daughter Alice Antonella Pepita was born. She was searching for more environmentally friendly children’s clothing, and came up short. “Sweet Pepita was created as a solution for parents drowning in a sea of pink and blue, worried about the social and environmental impact of the children’s clothing industry,” Delanoy explains.

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Drive Social Media Campaigns with Advice from Full-Time Marketers Thumbnail

Drive Social Media Campaigns with Advice from Full-Time Marketers

If you haven’t started devoting some of your marketing budget and time to social media, here is compelling research that will change your thinking: An April 2010 survey of more than 500 marketers by eROI, a digital relationship marketing company, asked responders to identify the importance and impact of social networks in relation to their e-mail and web marketing efforts. Almost 75% said that social media is having a positive impact on their marketing efforts.

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