2011 January

An Expensive Way to Save Money Thumbnail

An Expensive Way to Save Money

Tightening inventory. Streamlining your marketing budget. Those are familiar tactics to save money, stabilize cash flow and ensure a profit margin. But what about credit card processing fees? It may be one way “saving” money can backfire. Consider this: If you do 100 transactions a week at $100 each with people who prefer to pay with a credit card you don’t accept and are forced to pay

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Emily L.U. Cook Thumbnail

Emily L.U. Cook

"I embrace the idea that functional artwork can be just that—functional but also beautiful ‘art’ pieces,” says Emily L.U. Cook. When you examine her lines of fused-glass dishware, home decor, glass tiles and jewelry, it’s easy to come to the same conclusion. Bright colors pop off the glass, inviting you to touch the surface.

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The Zero Turnover Sales Force Thumbnail

The Zero Turnover Sales Force

What if you didn’t have to actively recruit sales people? What if your staff was working at full speed, without any new hires? What if you didn’t have to fire someone this week, or ever? Is it impossible? Sales veteran Doug McLeod doesn’t think so. That’s why he wrote The Zero Turnover Sales Force: How to Maximize Revenue by Keeping Your Sales Team Intact. And he’s not offering a

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Kim Westad Thumbnail

Kim Westad

"My goal is to design and produce unique, heirloom-quality pieces that people will love and use in their homes,” explains ceramist Kim Westad. Just previewing her new line makes you want to reach out and touch a piece. The “Groove Collection” has a soft, linear texture on the exterior, accented with a muted glaze or a bright pop of color that peeks over the lip.

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