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Measuring Direct Mail Results

It’s not news that direct mail is a powerful marketing tool. But are you maximizing the rate of return on each campaign? Follow these steps to dissect the successes and failures of your mailings: Analyze the results. It sounds simple, but it’s a part of the process you may overlook, or worse, put off. Analyze the campaign from every angle. Is your response rate low? How many pieces were

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Daphne Olive

Daphne Olive has always been surrounded by jewelry—her mother was inspired by 1970s bohemia, and her grandmother collected mid-century modern sculptural pieces. But it wasn’t until Olive took a yearlong trip to Israel in 1987 that she discovered her talent as a jeweler. She spent the sojourn as an apprentice to a local metalsmith. “Working with metal immediately suited me,” Olive explains.

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The Manager’s Pocket Calculator

Not every small business owner has the benefit of a friend or spouse with an accounting degree or a MBA. If you find preparing and justifying budgets, or even sitting down with accountants and financial advisors intimidating, pick up The Manager’s Pocket Calculator: A Quick Guide to Essential Business Formulas and Ratios by Michael C. Thomsett. The former accounting and finance professional

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Houston Llew adapts what he calls life’s “aha” moments to his Spiritiles. They depict everything from your favorite ice cream flavors stacked on a cone to a walk on the beach or a roller coaster ride—each with a perfectly paired quote. “Ms.,” for example, depicts bright red heels and repeats Marilyn Monroe’s famous words, “give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” And “Aloft” quotes Hodding Carter, “to our children we give two things—one is roots, the other is wings,” shown with an image of birds in flight.

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