Amy Larrimore

Diving in Headfirst: Blogs and E-commerce

Should you blog for your business? Ask yourself how much content—or how many images—you can consistently post for your readers. Then assess if a blog is the right fit for driving traffic to your website. Amy Larrimore breaks down how to get started—and stay sane—below. But maybe e-commerce is the best next step for your business. “I think retail on the web is very important,”

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Maximizing Your Facebook Business Page

"You want to think about Facebook like a clubhouse for your fans,” explains Amy Larrimore. “It’s different content than your website. It’s a little bit more colloquial and personal.” It’s also a place where you can encourage fans to contribute content. But why would someone want to become a fan of your page and follow your updates? Learn the how and why by clicking below. Want

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How to Leverage Twitter for Small Business

“Twitter is like passing notes in class,” explains social media expert Amy Larrimore. “Except now, it’s technological and for adults.” Twitter requires you to be succinct. You have to be direct, and communicate your message quickly. How can Twitter boost your bottom line? Click below to learn how to create buzz. Want even more instruction while you watch? Download a takeaway PDF of

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Now You’re Ready for Social Media

Before you jump into social media, it’s critical that you check certain items off your list: you should offer regular quality content to your customers; reconfigure your keywords, tag list, URL and username; establish a sound online reputation; know where to spend your time online; and—most importantly—make a list of goals. Now you’re ready to dive into social media. Amy Larrimore

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