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Drive Social Media Campaigns with Advice from Full-Time Marketers

If you haven’t started devoting some of your marketing budget and time to social media, here is compelling research that will change your thinking: An April 2010 survey of more than 500 marketers by eROI, a digital relationship marketing company, asked responders to identify the importance and impact of social networks in relation to their e-mail and web marketing efforts. Almost 75% said that social media is having a positive impact on their marketing efforts.

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Maximizing Your Facebook Business Page

"You want to think about Facebook like a clubhouse for your fans,” explains Amy Larrimore. “It’s different content than your website. It’s a little bit more colloquial and personal.” It’s also a place where you can encourage fans to contribute content. But why would someone want to become a fan of your page and follow your updates? Learn the how and why by clicking below. Want

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Now You’re Ready for Social Media

Before you jump into social media, it’s critical that you check certain items off your list: you should offer regular quality content to your customers; reconfigure your keywords, tag list, URL and username; establish a sound online reputation; know where to spend your time online; and—most importantly—make a list of goals. Now you’re ready to dive into social media. Amy Larrimore

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Advertising on Facebook Explained

Are you looking to dip your toe into the world of Facebook advertising? Before you do, we recommend you read “Advertising Effectiveness: Understanding the Value of a Social Media Impression,” a report by Jon Gibs, vice president of media analytics of The Nielson Company, and Sean Bruich, measurement research analyst of Facebook.

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