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Measuring Direct Mail Results

It’s not news that direct mail is a powerful marketing tool. But are you maximizing the rate of return on each campaign? Follow these steps to dissect the successes and failures of your mailings: Analyze the results. It sounds simple, but it’s a part of the process you may overlook, or worse, put off. Analyze the campaign from every angle. Is your response rate low? How many pieces were

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How to Run a Productive Brainstorming Session

Building your business should be a company wide effort. How do you start? Try a group brainstorming session. Take a crack at a few of these tips from Inc. magazine to get started: Invite a mix of employees. Try to mingle senior staff members with new hires and include everyone from your bookkeeper to your sales staff, but keep your selection focused on the outcome. If a certain staff member

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Using Online Tools to Increase Sales

It’s hard to escape the talk about social media these days. Despite the relentless buzz, many small business owners are not taking advantage of these tools to grow their businesses, according to research by Citibank. The survey of 552 small business executives across the United States revealed that 37% of small businesses have not used websites for marketing or expanding their businesses, and 84% have not delved into e-commerce to sell their products.

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