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A.W.E. Handcrafted Jewelry

Deb Soromenho of A.W.E. Handcrafted Jewelry in Bethesda, Md., describes her aesthetic as “modern bohemian.” That’s why the acronym in her business name stands for Artsy/Worldly/Earthy. But Soromenho didn’t begin her career as a jeweler. She started in oils and watercolor and moved to graphic design before she got hooked on wire jewelry. Soromenho switched to sheet metal to better integrate textures and shapes from architectural details she sees when traveling. “The freedom of creativity and form you can achieve with a piece of metal and a hammer is awesome,” she explains. Click below to hear her story.

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Gatski Metal

Modern lines meet agricultural history in Ben and Kate Gatski’s “Barn Beam Console Table” (above) and “Barn Loft Table” (below). The husband-and-wife team has worked together since 2004 to craft unique sculptures from recycled farm machinery.

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Virginia Galvan

"I naturally tune in to the forms, patterns and mystery of the natural world,” says jeweler Virginia Galvan. “I find myself compelled to create adornments to capture this spirit.”

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