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gottalottaheart card company

It took an artist, a builder, a botanist and an architect (two architects to be exact) to design gottalottaheart card company’s newest addition: “The Living Flower Pendant.”

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Moon-Lily Silk Mobiles

Jan Carson of Moon-Lily Silk Mobiles in Fort Collins, Colo., brings the beauty and kinetics of the outdoors inside with her series of mobiles. You don’t have to be an arborist to appreciate the detail she adds to her versions of aspen, ginkgo biloba, Japanese maple, dogwood, cherry blossom and white pear trees.

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Yummy & Company

"I’ve always loved jewelry,” says Jennifer Wilfong of Yummy & Company in Baltimore, Md. “I can remember making clover necklaces, crowns, bracelets and rings as a child.” Although she took a detour in college, studying painting at West Virginia University, and began her career as a painter who tackled large-scale dramatic pieces, it didn’t take much to convert Wilfong to jewelry.

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Sarah Faulkner

Sarah Faulkner credits her “barefoot years” with shaping her aesthetic. She grew up on a farm in Virginia, and describes that time as living with “the ultimate freedom, simplicity and imagination.”

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