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Measuring Direct Mail Results

It’s not news that direct mail is a powerful marketing tool. But are you maximizing the rate of return on each campaign? Follow these steps to dissect the successes and failures of your mailings: Analyze the results. It sounds simple, but it’s a part of the process you may overlook, or worse, put off. Analyze the campaign from every angle. Is your response rate low? How many pieces were

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Drive Social Media Campaigns with Advice from Full-Time Marketers

If you haven’t started devoting some of your marketing budget and time to social media, here is compelling research that will change your thinking: An April 2010 survey of more than 500 marketers by eROI, a digital relationship marketing company, asked responders to identify the importance and impact of social networks in relation to their e-mail and web marketing efforts. Almost 75% said that social media is having a positive impact on their marketing efforts.

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Measuring ROI in Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is no different from traditional marketing plans. The goal is always conversion. Before you jump into social media, you need to determine where you’re sending your customers online once you tout something on a social media website. “If you want to drive people into your retail establishment, put up a basic website,” advises Amy Larrimore. Click through to learn more

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Introduction: Social Media for Small Businesses

Technology specialist Amy Larrimore breaks down how any small business owner can plan and launch a lucrative social media campaign in the seminar “Supercharge Your Small Business with Social Media,” which she presented at the Buyers Market of American Craft in February. Tune in every Monday through Dec. 20 for a new video segment from the full seminar. Topics range from managing your online business reputation to maximizing your Facebook business page.

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