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Susan Dyer

Susan Dyer’s jewelry pops with color. And that’s part of the design. “I spend a lot of time considering scale, wearability, color, function and versatility,” she says. Many of her pieces can be worn to show bright polymer clay patterns, or reversed to showcase the pattern in the silver backing. “Other pieces have multiple components that can be rearranged,” she continues, which allows the wearer multiple looks.

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Lisa Cimino

"My collections are handcarved interpretations of nature … land, sea and sky,” explains Lisa Cimino of Chee-me-no Art Jewelry in Baltimore, Md. Instantly drawn to the primitive feel of a jewelry torch’s flame, Cimino knew it would be her career at the start of her first jewelry class. She launched her studio in 2004.

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Anika Smulovitz

Anika Smulovitz is captivated by the “non-neutrality of materials, the concept of aura, issues of adornment and the body.” Her work is designed to confront concepts like power, beauty, religion and cultural values.

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