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Laura Fisk

“I make silly and strange paper and household goods,” declares Laura Fisk, the brains behind Fisk and Fern in Brooklyn, N.Y. Take one look and you’ll agree: a pig in a pink tutu hums on a card that hopes you “Have an Oink-rageous Day!” And “Pankcake Monsters” and “Bacon Monsters” rule over brightly colored aprons.

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Emily L.U. Cook Thumbnail

Emily L.U. Cook

"I embrace the idea that functional artwork can be just that—functional but also beautiful ‘art’ pieces,” says Emily L.U. Cook. When you examine her lines of fused-glass dishware, home decor, glass tiles and jewelry, it’s easy to come to the same conclusion. Bright colors pop off the glass, inviting you to touch the surface.

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Kim Westad

"My goal is to design and produce unique, heirloom-quality pieces that people will love and use in their homes,” explains ceramist Kim Westad. Just previewing her new line makes you want to reach out and touch a piece. The “Groove Collection” has a soft, linear texture on the exterior, accented with a muted glaze or a bright pop of color that peeks over the lip.

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Happy Clay Thumbnail

Happy Clay

"When it came to finding my voice with clay, I wasn’t able to speak until I let go of my need to control and perfect the process,” explains Niki Crosby of Happy Clay. “When I finally loosened my grip and allowed the patterns to create themselves, the finished products began to sing with an energy of their own.”

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