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Anika Smulovitz

Anika Smulovitz is captivated by the “non-neutrality of materials, the concept of aura, issues of adornment and the body.” Her work is designed to confront concepts like power, beauty, religion and cultural values.

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John and Andrea Hartcorn Thumbnail

John and Andrea Hartcorn

John Hartcorn was a musician for 20 years before he switched gears and decided to “take the plunge” and go back to school for furniture design. “I dabbled in metal and upholstery before arriving at designing and building furniture,” he explains.

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Gatski Metal

Modern lines meet agricultural history in Ben and Kate Gatski’s “Barn Beam Console Table” (above) and “Barn Loft Table” (below). The husband-and-wife team has worked together since 2004 to craft unique sculptures from recycled farm machinery.

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