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What’s New: At Your Service

What’s New: At Your Service

The kitchen gods must be smiling. They know that a hip serving dish or gorgeous goblet can make or break any dinner party. The food and wine served with such pieces can pale when these beauties are placed on a table, whether for a dinner party or romantic night in. Here is new work in tabletop from eight design studios guaranteed to add more than a pinch of gravitas to your cuisine.

Artist Profile: Kate Harward

“My ideas often come when I’m working on a piece I may have made many times—all of a sudden a new iteration comes to mind!” says Tygart River Pottery artist Kate Harward. “I rarely sit down and design; the ideas seem to flow while I’m working or perusing articles or books.” Harward feeds her creativity with diverse influences ranging from extensive international travel to studying Japan’s highly decorated pots of the Jomon period, large Chinese jars and Korean celadons.

Artist Profile: Laurie Pollpeter Eskenazi

“My influences have always been personal,” says ceramic artist Laurie Pollpeter Eskenazi. “Since I was young, women’s traditional handcrafted work has intrigued me. My grandmother’s house was filled with doilies, needlework and hand tatted lace, and each piece came with a memory attached. In her era, women made ‘crazy’ quilts from small scraps of fabric