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What’s New: At Your Service

What’s New: At Your Service

The kitchen gods must be smiling. They know that a hip serving dish or gorgeous goblet can make or break any dinner party. The food and wine served with such pieces can pale when these beauties are placed on a table, whether for a dinner party or romantic night in. Here is new work in tabletop from eight design studios guaranteed to add more than a pinch of gravitas to your cuisine.

Impulse Buy: Hudson Beach Glass

Since 1987, Hudson Beach Glass artists John and Wendy Gilvey, Michael Benzer and Jennifer Smith have worked as a team, carving molds and hand­casting bowls, glasses, platters and sculptures at their studios in Beacon, N.Y. Some retail for over $1,000, but most of their eye­catching work, in 13 colors, is available at very reasonable price

Artist Profile: Raquel Stanek

Just under 10 feet high and crafted from tens of thousands of hand-cut glass pieces, Raquel Stanek’s captivating giraffe is but one of her intricately designed and assembled mosaic works. Bubbling with enthusiasm, Stanek loves talking about her imaginative animal art, which ranges from this towering commissioned sculpture to a larger-than-life zebra bust, a 7-foot-long pig and a menagerie of chickens, ducks, geese, deer and other critters with expressive personalities.