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Impulse Buy: BirdQueen Designs

Gretchen Diehl, of BirdQueen Designs in Philadelphia, relies on vivid dreams, people and animals she’s known and loved, and verbal and visual misinterpretations to create “original, affordable, adorable plastic jewelry that’s meant to make a statement wherever you go.” Diehl and production managers Melissa Magri and Michele Smith print the artist’s designs on ink jet shrink film.

Impulse Buy: Probstein Studios

Lampworker Jason Probstein makes his living using fire, but it was playing underwater that inspired him to create a new kind of piece. While scuba diving, he noticed patterns in the sand like a “perfect swirl” and slender plants that moved with the currents. Back in his Asheville, N.C., studio, he designed the “Space Vase,”

Impulse Buy: Modern Moose

“A burning desire to design and produce unique, well-crafted, locally made goods” motivated Paul Ocepek to begin creating custom wall art a few years ago from baltic birch plywood and non-toxic water-based inks. He cuts with a laser, then hand-assembles the pieces without glue in his Norfolk, Mass.. studio. Ocepek uses transparent inks so the

Impulse Buy: Hudson Beach Glass

Since 1987, Hudson Beach Glass artists John and Wendy Gilvey, Michael Benzer and Jennifer Smith have worked as a team, carving molds and hand­casting bowls, glasses, platters and sculptures at their studios in Beacon, N.Y. Some retail for over $1,000, but most of their eye­catching work, in 13 colors, is available at very reasonable price

Impulse Buy: Chrizart Creations

Christine Keller’s line of twisted, brightly colored anodized aluminum jewelry delivers statement pieces at just the right price point for your customers. Based in Buckhannon, W.Va., Keller’s studio, Chrizart Creations, offers a “Light as a Feather” line featuring pendants ($18 wholesale, including cord), rings ($5 wholesale) and earrings ($9 wholesale). Keller says her aim is