Fleecy cute Major Oddvark, from Mr. Sogs Creatures.

What’s New: No Batteries Needed

What’s New: No Batteries Needed

What’s almost as delightful as the sound of a child’s laughter? Giving that little one a new toy. While high-tech gadgets that honk and blink abound in toy stores, nothing can substitute for the warm and fuzzy feel of a patchwork teddy bear or handcrafted backpack. Here are examples of new work by artists from seven studios focused on youngsters (and the young at heart).

“Woodpecker” teapot, in clay and porcelain with gold, by Ryan Myers.

What’s New: Spouting Off

Very few utilitarian forms have inspired such heights of creativity as the teapot. Although each artist may start out with the same basic shape, the final interpretations almost ensure that no two are alike. Teapots are also a natural collectible. Gathered here is work by eight artists working with teapot forms that you might want to tell your customers about.

Glass on copper Spiritiles by Houston Llew.

What’s New: Tokens of Affection

Who doesn’t go a little hearts crazy when it comes to Valentine’s Day? And what customer wouldn’t be pleased to find (and take home) a heart-shaped gift from your shop? We’ve rounded up work by seven artists who offer a variety of ways to share the love.

Lisa Muller

What’s New: Contemporary Folk Art

Maybe it’s because of modern society’s tendency to take comfort in the past while marching straightforward into green living, but more and more artists are adapting “folk” expressions in their work. They’re drawing on historical roots—visionary, primitive and tribal art—and using everyday objects in a variety of non­traditional ways.

What’s New: Mirror, Mirror

Mirrors may produce reflections of images, but they should also reflect individual style. To help replicate every customer’s tastes, we’ve assembled a collection of some of the most beautiful mirrored wall art we could find from seven studios that combine functionality and fun.