Winter 2015 articles

Since the early 1990s, downtown DC has undergone a transformation that newly arrived apartment dwellers and independent retailers are doing much to fuel. Streets bustle with traffic, sidewalks are filled with shoppers, and small businesses are pulling out all the stops to accommodate their needs.


Overnight Sensation

Overnight Sensation

Let’s get one thing straight: Washington DC has never not been a beautiful city. Over the years, however, and contrary to the visionary plan laid out centuries ago by Pierre L’Enfant for grand boulevards angled like rays of the sun to showcase exquisite views of towering monuments in every direction, the capital’s architecturally rich city blocks fell into disrepair. By the 1960s, great swaths of its downtown looked tired and neglected, as did their potential as commercial and residential city centers.

Cast cement sun faces from Elizabeth Keith Designs.

What’s New: Garden Brighteners

Some people just don’t have green thumbs. Others in harsher climates face long winter months where nothing grows. Still others look for garden brighteners they won’t have to water—ever. How to help? If you’re a savvy retailer, you’ll consider stocking up on works like these from eight American design studios: