Standout 3-D printed nylon neckring by Chicago designer Melanie Feerst.

Jewelry 2015: Jewelry NOW!

All bets are off when it comes to what kinds of jewelry shoppers are buying these days. But they are buying it, and taking their cues from artists, designers, actors, metrosexuals, even the Sunday Styles section of The New York Times.

Retail Details

The Dallas skyline at dusk, with the microphone-shaped Reunion Tower at the left. PHOTO CREDIT: DOLLARPHOTOCLUB.COM

American Made Show Debuts in the Big D

Get out your 10-gallon hats, everybody, and polish up your most comfortable cowboy boots: in June, the American Made Show is heading to Dallas and we want you to come along!


Impulse Buy

Mary Kearns made her first aromatic bath and body goods using a DIY kit she’d ordered for her daughter from a children’s catalog.


Market Calendar

A comprehensive listing of wholesale trade shows—happening now through late February 2015.

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The staircase between selling floors at The Farmhouse Store includes three horizontal signs by Scotch Plains, N.J., artist Nick Mansilla; a striped runner by Dash & Albert, Pittsfield, Mass.; and Murphy's Chicks and other signs on the wall at right by Red Horse Signs, Woodinville, Wash. PHOTO CREDIT: LAURA MOSS

Upstairs, Downstairs

“Ed Menapace is the gas. I’m the brakes,” is what we say at The Farmhouse Store. Ed’s got vision and big ideas. He plots each next step in our retail adventure. I bring caution, day-to-day detail and the “what if?” that help us plan each new turn. It’s a good combination. With our shared desire to create an enjoyable place for customers and employees, a solid work ethic and genuine interest in the work of our craftspeople, we’ve created a unique retail experience.