All That Glitters Isn’t Gold

“Prelude II” by Darlys Ewoldt Metal is a medium of paradoxes—it is both yielding and obdurate, malleable and rigid. At times, metal’s resilience serves as a catalyst, challenging artists to overcome its toughness with innovative tools and techniques. Other times, its pliant nature assists artists in realizing their creative intentions. Once the allure of metal…

Shades of Gray

For almost 90 years, Americans have been told what colors to favor and which to avoid. We slavishly listened, decorating our kitchens in avocado only to make them over in white 10 years later. This made life relatively simple for retailers. But, alas and alleluia, those days are gone.

Crafting A Retail Journey

What trends are driving retail design? What do you need to do to keep up with, and rise above, the competition? Christian Davies, creative director and vice president of specialty brands for FRCH Design Worldwide in Cincinnati, Ohio, offers his insights: