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Biz 101: 7 Steps to Better Business Branding

Biz 101: 7 Steps to Better Business Branding

Now, perhaps more than at any other time in history, your name is your brand, according to Pamela J. Green, author, leadership consultant and business branding expert. “I think most of us get this concept,” she says. “We live in a celebrity-obsessed society, so we understand how a person’s name can also be their brand.

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Branding. If you’ve ever felt like it’s an ethereal concept, take heart. These two books give you big helpings of bite-sized actions to help you cultivate life-long customers and have an enduring impact. The Experience Effect By Jim Joseph Hardcover, 224 pages, $24.95 Amacom www.amacombooks.org Jim Joseph, an award-winning marketing professional and author of The